End-to-End Process Work Flow

This section is a quick walkthrough on how to send a personalized message to your customers through Session AI Platform


Follow the below-given procedure for end-to-end process workflow:

Step 1: Downloading and Integrating the SDK
  1. In the Integration menu, click the Data Channel tab and then click Phone channel.
  2. In Phone Channel, Click Android SDK.
  3. On the Android SDK page, click the Download SDK tab and download the SDK.
  4. Once the android zip file is downloaded, integrate it with your application.
    Note: To integrate SDK view Developer guide.
Step 2: Configure the event mapping
  1. In the Data, click the Events tab.
  2. Then Create New event/activity, which the customer performs on a channel using the application.
  3. In the Experiences, Create New trigger and define trigger by customers activity.
  4. In the Experiences, create the experience and Define Action for the event.
    There are different types of actions to be displayed on the customer's device e.g., Banner, Alert, Full Screen, Push notification, and many more.
    Note: Here we are showing experience with Banner Action as an example.
  1. After the action is defined for the event, either Publish or Save as Template.
    Note: Save as Template experience can be seen and used from Template Gallery.
Step 3: Configure and Publish the experiences

Configures the template and publishes the experience to deliver it to the customer on the application.

  1. In Template Gallery select the template to Configure and publish.
    Note: Template with icon indicates that the template requires Event Mapping configuration.
  2. Define an Action type if required.
    Note: You can define more than one action type.
Step 4: Send an Event from Application to test the Experiences

To check if your application is receiving an experience,

  1. Open the application on your phone and perform the action to initiate the triggering event, you should see the banner action delivered to your application.

For more information visit each link provided in below given table to send an Experience:

Downloading and Integrating Session AI SDKDownload and Integrate the Session AI SDK with the channel application.
Configure Source Channels and Mapping Domain EventsWithout event mapping, the templates can't be used. It is necessary to map the domain event with the namespace event.
Publishing an Experience using Templatesi. The Solution Developer develops a template for experience using Session AI components and the right content developed by the Content Developer, and then publishes the developed template and makes it available to the Business User.

ii. The Business User selects a template and uses it to create an experience, configures the required parameters, and publishes the experience.