Viewing Scheduled Experience Overview

Scheduled Experience Overview gives us a summary of metrics related to scheduled experiences over a selected time range.

This section describes:
Scheduled Experiences Overview
Downloading the Metrics

Scheduled Experience Overview

To view the scheduled experience overview,

  1. Click Insights menu.
  2. In the Insights menu, click the Scheduled Experiences tab.

Scheduled Experiences Overview page displays the active scheduled experience metrics for the past seven days.

  1. Click the Time Range selector located in the top right corner of the page.
    The metrics are displayed as per the selected time range.



  • All the fields in the are sortable.

The table given below describes different fields present on the Scheduled Experience Overview page.

Experience NameDisplays the name of the Experience.

Note: Click the experience Name, the analytics detail page for that experience is displayed.
TypeDisplays an icon-based representation of the action type used for that experience such as “Banner”, “Alert”, “Fullscreen”, “Raw”, “SMS”, “App Box”, “Push”, “Rest API”, “Script”.
Note: Hover over the icon to view the name of the action type.
StatusDisplays the status of the experience.
TargetedDisplays the total number of qualified users for that experience.
SentDisplays the total number of actions sent to customers (Excluding control group customers)
ReachedDisplays the total number of actions that reached the customer's device.
Last UpdatedDisplays the date and time when the experience was last updated and the name of the user who made the last update.

Downloading Metrics

To download the overview metrics of scheduled experience follow the steps given below:

  1. In Insights, click the Scheduled Experiences tab to download the metrics.
  2. Click the Download icon in the upper right corner of that page.
    A CSV file is downloaded for that respective metrics.

The downloaded file contains similar metrics shown on that respective page. The filename contains the timestamp of the download initiation in name_yyyy-mm-dd HH mm AM/PM format. e.g., campaignMetrics_2021-06-11248PM