Managing Scheduled Experiences

This section describes the procedures to:

Viewing All Scheduled experiences

  1. In the Experiences menu, click the Scheduled Experiences tab.
    A list of all active scheduled experiences is displayed.
  • Name: Name of the experience. It displays the scheduled details (scheduled date and time) for both running and completed experiences.
  • Status: Displays the status of the experience. It can be in Draft, Running, Completed, or Paused states.
  • Type: Displays an icon-based representation of the action for the experience such as “Banner”, “Alert”, “Fullscreen”, “Raw”, “SMS”, “App Box”, “Push”, “Rest API”, “Script”.
    Note: Hover over the icon to view the name of the action type.
  • Schedule: It displays the schedule details of the experience.
  • Last Updated: Displays the date when this experience was last updated and the name of the user who made the last update.
    Note: This field is sortable. Click to sort experiences by date.
  1. Click icon to perform the following activity:
  • a. To View Dashboard of the experience
  • b. To View Configuration and edit the experience
  • c. To view Audit Trail and know detailed information about the experience.
  • d. To Clone an existing experience
  • e. To Pause if the experience is in “Running” status.
  • f. To Start if the experience is in “Pause” status.
  • g. To Delete the experience

Updating Experience Instances Version

If any latest version of the experience templates is available, only then the CHECK UPDATES button is seen on the screen.

  1. In the Experiences menu, click the Scheduled Experiences tab.
  2. Click the CHECK UPDATES located in the top-right corner of the screen.

The Version Migration window displays a number of upgradable instances and the latest available versions of the template.

  • TEMPLATE: Name of the template.
  • UPGRADABLE INSTANCES: Displays the total number of experience instances that can be updated to the latest version of the template.
  • AVAILABLE VERSION: Displays the latest available version of the template.
  • DESCRIPTION: Displays the description of the template.
  • ARROW BUTTON (): Click the arrow.

Following information about the current version of the instances is displayed.

  1. Click Version Info to view details of all the available versions of this template and all the instances created using each version.
    The Version Information window appears.
  2. To update the instances, you can perform either of the following and click NEXT:
  • Select all the upgradable instances.
  • Select the desired upgradable instance.
  1. Click DONE.


  • You can also update particular instances from the list view on the experience screen. A link to update the instance to the latest version appears below the schedule details.
  • You cannot set execution priorities for Scheduled Interactions.