Managing Triggers

The Smart Trigger tab allows you to view, manage, and edit all the triggers created in the system.

Viewing all the Smart Triggers

  1. In the Experiences menu, click Triggers.
    The Smart Triggers screen displays the following details of all the triggers.
  • Name: Name of the Trigger. It also provides a link to edit and update the trigger.
  • Type: Type of trigger activity whether it is Activity, Pattern, Location.
  • Last Updated: Displays the date when this trigger was last updated and the name of the user who made the last update.
    Note: This field is sortable. Click to sort triggers by date.
  1. Click the Filter icon to filter the Triggers.
    Dynamic filter displays on the page.
  2. Select the filter as per requirement and click Apply.
    Triggers under the selected criteria are displayed.
  1. To delete the trigger, click the Delete icon with respect to that trigger.
    A confirmation message appears.
  2. Click OK to delete the trigger.



You cannot delete a trigger that has been used in any other template/interactions. To delete the trigger, you should first remove it from the parent configuration where it has been used.

Editing Trigger

  1. On the Triggers screen, select and click the trigger you want to edit.
  2. On the trigger screen, you can rename the trigger and modify the configurations.
  3. After making all the necessary changes, click Save to save the changes.