Managing Dynamic Segments

The Dynamic Segments tab allows you to view, edit, and delete the segments.

Viewing Segments

  1. In the Segments menu, click the Dynamic Segments tab.
    The list of all the Dynamic Segments is displayed.
  • Name: Name of the segment. It also provides a link to update segment instances to the latest available template version.
  • Total Count: Displays the total number of members in the segment.
  • Created: Displays the date when this segment was created and the name of the user who created it.
  • Last Updated: Displays the date when this segment was last updated and the name of the user who made the last update.
    Note: All the fields are sortable. Click to sort the segments.
  1. Click icon to perform the following activity:
  • a. To Edit the segment
  • b. To view the Audit Trail of the segment
  • c. To Delete the segment.



You cannot delete a segment that has been used in any other template/interactions. To delete the segment, you should first remove it from the parent configurations where it has been used.

Updating Segment Templates

Session AI allows you to update your segment instances to the latest available version of the segment templates. You can check and update the instances from the Dynamic Segments screen.

  1. In Dynamic Segments, if the updates CHECK UPDATES button is available on the screen.
  2. Click the CHECK UPDATES button.
    The Version Migration window displays more details about the upgradable instances and the latest available versions:
  • TEMPLATE: Name of the template.
  • UPGRADABLE INSTANCES: Displays the total number of segment instances that can be updated to the latest version of the template.
  • AVAILABLE VERSION: Displays the latest available version of the template.
  • DESCRIPTION: Displays the description of the template.
  1. Click the arrow () to view more information about the current version of the instances.

The following is a sample screenshot of the expanded view.

  1. Click Version Info to view details of all the available versions of this template and all the instances created using each version.

The Version Information window is displayed.

  1. To update the instances, you can perform either of the following and click NEXT:
  • Select all the upgradable instances.
  • Select the desired upgradable instance.
  1. Click DONE


Guidelines for Versioning the Segment Templates

  • You can add configurable parameters. Ensure you provide default values only, and the existing instance operates accurately with the default values.
  • You can delete configurable parameters. Ensure to remove all the references of the deleted parameters from the template.
  • You can perform any logical modifications. Ensure that the modifications do not impact the existing instance.

Editing Dynamic Segment

  1. In the Segments, click Dynamic Segments tab.
    The list of all the Dynamic Segments is displayed.
  2. From the list, click the segment for which editing is required.
    A detailed screen appears with the following tabs:
  • Segment Details: Displays details about the segment such as group *Category, Created by, Created on, Updated by, Updated on, Last recounted on, Recount Duration to complete the recount, Population of the segment, Segment Evaluation**. It allows you to recount the total population and edit the segment if required.
  1. Click the Recount to recount all the customers in the segment. It also displays how the segment is being evaluated.
  • Segment Insights: Displays month-wise population distribution and allows you to export this data.
  • Segment Members: Displays the users available in the segments. Click the user card to view more details.
  1. Click the Edit.

Editing the segment criteria page is displayed.
You can now modify the criteria using the Activity, Devices, Attribute, and Interactions tab and then click Save to save the changes.