Pre-Requisite to Setup Session AI Platform

Follow the steps given below to start using the Session AI Platform for sending experiences:

Step 1: Create a namespace for your domain
Before using Session AI Platform, you need to set up a namespace for your domain. To create your namespace, consult the Session AI Customer Experience team to configure the namespace for your domain.

Step 2: Set up your Business Time zone
Using the Session AI Platform set your business timezone. This is used to display aggregated metrics in your selected business Time zone.
See Configurations Settings

Step 3: Set Success Metric Attribution Window
Set the Success metric attribution window that helps you to optimize the allocation of action execution.
See Configurations Settings

Step 4: Download and Integrate SDK with your Web or Mobile Application
To start delivering push notifications and in-app messages to your application, Integrate the Session AI SDK which sets up communication with our Cloud.
See Setting Up Data Channel

Step 5: Set up User Roles
Create necessary user accounts with appropriate roles as per the user management needs of your organization.
See C3 Console Users

Step 6: Create Namespace Events
Create necessary incoming event(s) in the Session AI Platform for your namespace as per your business use cases and instrumentation of your web and mobile applications.
See Adding and Managing new Events

Step 7: Map Domain Events
If you want to use the OOTB experiences template then you need to perform event mapping.
See Mapping Domain Events