Understanding the UI

Session AI provides a flexible user interface for different user roles based on their objectives.

  • The Administrator has permission to all the features in the Session AI platform.
  • Permissions for Content Developer varies.

After successful login, the Performance Overview dashboard is displayed.


The home page has two panes:

1. Menu Bar: This pane displays all the menus on the Session AI platform.
2. Performance Overview dashboard: This pane displays statistics like Assisted Revenue, Estimated Overall Incremental Revenue, Average Conversion Lift, Active Experiences, and Targeted Sessions. For more details, refer to Viewing Performance Overview

The table given below displays different fields present on the Session AI platform homepage

Name of GUI Element Description
Home It provides a platform overview for all the active experiences. It help the business user to maintain the daily count of events and actions over time.
Prediction Allows to build pipeline and feature library that improves experience automatically through data.
Insights Allows to:
  • View detailed data about Interactions, content, customers and events
  • View detailed statistics over the lifetime of each of the interactions in the system
  • View metrics for push notifications used in experiences over the past 30-days
  • Create queries and design dashboards
  • Experiences Allows to:
  • Browse marketplace templates to create experiences
  • Configure and publish experiences
  • Allows Solutions Developer to create scheduled and triggered interactions
  • Manage the triggered and scheduled experiences
  • Segments Allows to:
  • Create and manage segments, based on customer's real-time activity, device type, and custom attributes
  • Create and manage triggers
  • Data Allow to:
  • Create and manage incoming events
  • Create and manage entities, attributes,and data services
  • Search customer's profile and view their activity history
  • Manage the attributes of each customer's profiles
  • Trace events and view event logs
  • Content Allows to:
  • Create actions using templates
  • Create and manage content used in the actions
  • Integration Allows to:
  • Configure channels and Generate API keys
  • Setting up channel SDKs
  • Create microservices used to expose various aspects of data and insights
  • Configure Connectors
  • Admin Allows Administrator to:
  • Manage system settings
  • Manage user details
  • Namespace () Allows user to view display name for the namespace the user is logged into
  • Hover over the icon to view the domain name for the displayed namespace
  • Admin can manage SVG icon and display name for the namespace from Configure System Settings
  • Help () Allows user to:
  • Access help documents
  • View the Session AI platform Status
  • User () Allows User to Logout the platform