Template Gallery Overview

A Template is a group of components (e.g. events, triggers, triggered interactions.) packaged together. A Solutions Developer will create, test, and publish the templates to a gallery. This makes it simple for a business user to select a template from the gallery, customize the template for their business needs, and publish an instance of that template for customers.

Session AI provides the following two types of Experience templates:

Custom Experience Templates

The Solution Developer develops an Experience template as per the use case using the required Session AI components. These templates are then published to your namespace and available to the Business User.

OOTB Experience Templates

The Template Gallery section allows business users to choose from a variety of pre-built templates to quickly configure and publish personalized customer experiences.

The table given below describes different out-of-the-box experience templates.

Experience TemplateDescription
Product Urgency BadgesWhen a shopper views a product that is popular or has reached the minimum threshold for views or purchases, this experience displays urgency badges on the screen.

These badges create urgency or bring to the shopper's immediate attention to purchase products that are in high demand at the moment.

Configure the criteria based on your business requirements.
On-The-Fence ShoppersProvides real-time offers relevant to buyers who are indecisive to purchase a product. It creates an urgency to buy the product.

For example, on the fifth click of the customer's session, a machine learning model scores the customer's tendency to buy within this session. If the score indicates that the customer is unlikely to purchase, the experience displays an offer to create an urgency to buy the product.

This experience displays offers or available loyalty rewards to increase the possibility of purchase in the current session.