Session AI Portal Users

The Session AI platform is managed, configured, and used by various users who are allowed to do certain operations on the platform based on their role as per the business policies.

User Roles

In Session AI, users are grouped into the following different roles:

  • Administrator
  • Business User
  • Solutions Developer
  • Content Developer

Every user role has predefined permission levels. The Administrator can create new users, assign roles to them, and view their audit trails.


An administrator adds different users and configures the namespace settings. Admin can manage and maintain the Session AI Platform.

Business User

Business Users can create engaging customer experiences swiftly with Session AI's prebuilt templates in Experience Gallery. Business Users can provide the best experiences to their customers without understanding the complexity of the Session AI platform

A Business User has the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Use the experience template(s) and configure them as per the business requirements.
  • Enhance the experiences by viewing customers' activity and other key metrics.

Solutions Developer

Solution Developer needs to be proficient in coding to understand the system components such as Events, Event Enrichment using code, Actions, Attribute names, Segments, and Triggered and scheduled Interactions that are used to create an Experience.

A Solutions Developer has the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Creates and Manages all components such as Events, Event Enrichment, Data Services, etc.
  • Manage incoming events and associated parameters received from SDKs or REST APIs.
  • Builds and publishes modules as a template for the gallery.
  • Map the domain event with the namespace event

Content Developer

A content developer creates and manages content used within the actions sent by the experiences.